You may vote every 12 hours to be rewarded 400DP. In order to successfully obtain your DP you must follow these steps. You must vote on all 4 sites and click the verify vote button after each vote.


1. Click HERE and input your username and password. Choose the first site " OxygenTop100" and then click the Vote! button


2. A new window will open. Correctly input the captcha


3. Once that is done, find Shaiya Infinity on the ranking page and click the link to return to our Homepage.


4. Once on our Homepage click the VERIFY VOTE button, a message will appear thanking you for your vote. Close that window and return to step 1, repeat the process for each of the 4 sites, make sure you Verify your vote after each site.


You must Click Verify Vote button on Home Page or here in this post after you have voted on each site in order to receive your 400DP.


Example : Vote on OxygenTop100, find our site on ranking page, click our link, return to Homepage, click Verify Vote. repeat for each site.



Once you have done these steps for each of the 4 sites, you will find 400DP in your account. You may vote every 12hours.